Dead Blog

Hey guys,


haha, blog is so dead nowadays. I totally forgot about updating :P:P:P. I’ve been so busy at school, especially with my Chinese homework ๐Ÿ˜


hmm…what to post, what to post…?

i’m drawing a blank here. I’ve forgotten how to blog..if that’s even possible.


oh yeah, i know! ย Check out our online textbook, its for 7th grade, I’m in 8th now, but its really popular around the world, literally. Our social studies teacher created it and we as students can edit it




Also, my condolences to the victims of the tragedy in Connecticut. It is extremely saddening, and my thoughts and prayers go to the family.


Okay, so there’s this really awesome game called SETS. Its a card game, but there is also an online version. So, set is my favorite game because it uses math logic skills and its really fun. Every Friday we play at our school and I beat everyone including my teacher, which is really fun since the game gets really heated.

The card version of the game is sold in bookstores in the US, but anyone can access the online version. The online version is basically a daily puzzle that you have to find 6 sets and it times you. I often like to race with one of my friends Yuke. He thinks that he’ll beat me eventually and both he and I have to keep our skills up.

So, before I go on to give you the link of the daily puzzle, let me explain the rules of the game.

Sets requires think logically. A set is made up of 3 cards, all of which are the same or different. All the cards have four features- shape (squiggle, oval, diamond), color (purple, green, red), filling of shapes (stirped, solid, empty) and the # of shapes on each card (1, 2, 3). For example…

Alright, so, for example, lets look at the first set. It is a set because everything is different. The shape is different, the color is different, the # of shapes is different, and each has a different filling. However, if I were to make all the colors green it would still be a set. When I say that everything is different, I mean the feature of one card and the same feature on the other two cards. So if we take a look at the other set that has a “yes” on top of it, we can see that all of them are green, all of them are two on a card, and all of them are different shapes and fillings. If however the # on one of the card was 1 it would not work because the # feature would have two of the same and the other one different. The last example is not a set because two of the cards have a solid filling and one of them a striped filling.


Well guys, thats all I can do today. I’m really glad that I could share the love of this game with you guys.

Have fun!


New Year

Hey guys! You ready for the new year?

I usually celebrate New Year more then Christmas so I can’t wait until tomorrow!!!! Anyway, what are you guys going to do? I personally like to stay up late and just relax. This is a time to be with family. I’d love to hear what you guys do on New Year. Does your family light fireworks?

In Bulgaria, New Year is a big deal and the city is alive with fireworks at 12 A.M. Here, I have noticed that it’s usually very quiet on New Year. Hmm….

Well, have a Happy New Year. Don’t forget to make your resolutions ( I know I probably won’t be able to keep mine :P)


Okay, so, I don’t know if you guys have heard about this, but anyway, there is a really awesome site my friend Claire recently showed me. The site is basically a site where you can doodle and draw different things and its absolutely free. You don’t even have to sign up for anything. You go on the site and it gives you like a canvas thing and you just start drawing. So, as part of my cure for my Boredom, I have been drawing a lot on that site. Its really fun once you get how it works and it can be very useful for original drawings/ideas or if you want to make an artistic drawing for someone special. The URL of the site isย 


Here are some of my personal drawings

Boredom Attack

Hey guys, recently I’ve been extremely bored. I can’t drive, my friends can’t go anywhere, and I just don’t know what to do at home. Everything seems so…plain and boring. I have a ton of stuff, but I don’t want to do any of it. Do any of you guys have any idea on how to get rid of my boredom…I do a lot of origami, but even that doesn’t help with my boredom. ๐Ÿ˜€ I would really appreciate it if you guys can give me some ideas to do. Thanks!


Hey peeps! I just wanted to give a shout-out to all of the visitors of my blog. I noticed that people from all over the world( this is over-exaggerating :)) have been visiting my blog. I wanted to thank all of you guys for actually taking your time to visit my blog. I realize its not the most interesting thing, but I have been showered with homework and other kind of work lately. I’m trying to write posts more often, but since that’s not working, I’ll probably limit myself to once a week…Part of the problem is that I don’t really know what to post about and when I do, I often can’t put it into words. Anyway, back to the main topic, again, Thank You to all the people who have visited my blog, and I hope you enjoy it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Where am I from?

Hey Guys,

So…I have been getting quite a lot of comments asking me where I’m from. Well, I was originally born in Bulgaria, a country in Eastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea. Now however, I live in Northeastern Ohio. Although I live in America now, I sometimes go back to Bulgaria in the summers, since its boring here. I usually go to the seaside when I’m there, or visit my grandmother, who lives in a small village. I also stay at the capital, Sofia, where I was originally born, ๐Ÿ˜€

New Blog

Okay, so I have the wrong idea of what I wanted to do. So, in my Social Studies class, we created a blog on Weebly, and, on your account, you can add however many blogs on the same website. Well, I thought that you can do that with Edublogs too, but turns out it doesn’t. So, my idea was to make a separate blog for the flute, but that’s not working out very well….. However, I will think about making a whole new blog. If any of you guys know how do add a blog on this website however(I’m not very technologically savvy), please let me know.


Hey Guys!

Hello to all of my followers, I am so sorry I haven’t updated. I have been so busy with school and such. I appreciate all of your comments, and I will try to answer them as soon as possible, for those of you who have questions. In the mean time, I will once again set a goal for myself to update this blog more often. This page here however, might soon become….extinct. I’m not going to erase it or anything, but I will probably have different pages. Anyway, that’s all for this time…


P.S. I have now put up a flag counter. I am aiming for a thousand different views.